Best Collections: Paris

  • Thom Browne by John Booth for
  • Valentino by John Booth for
  • Comme des Garcons by John Booth for
  • Raf Simons by John Booth for
  • Lanvin by John Booth for

Autumn and Winter are the perfect times to say how you feel with your clothing. Really, how much can you show about your style with shorts and a T shirt? And when it comes to collections that have a true message- Paris has it all.

This winter has finally swung round and we’ve selected our favourite collections from Paris. Raf Simons‘ teenage cult obsession with patches and bleach and the bullet hole brilliance at Comme Des Garcons have the made the cut. As well as that Valentino‘s tribal geometrics, Thom Browne and his jungle fever, and Lanvin‘s undercuts, stripe suits and acid bright leather are all at your disposal and have been illustrated exclusively for VarĂ³n by John Booth.

Text Emily Black

Illustrations John Booth / Instagram: @john_booth